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Hablar de si existe el hombre ideal es sin duda conversar acerca de uno de los temas más interesantes y debatidos entre las mujeres. Muchas de ellas lo consideran inexistente o hasta incluso irreal, o si es que existe, muchas lo consideran tan esquivo como el mismo concepto de las citas internet que funcionan. Pero hay otro grupo de mujeres que si bien consideran muy difícil el poder encontrar a la pareja ideal, ellas usan esta dificultad más bien como un incentivo e inspiración para su búsqueda en el día a día diciendo: “quiero un novio y voy a conseguirlo”.


Global Dating Revolution Guide To International Dating & Foreign Women

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How To Become An Alpha Male.
Dating & Seduction Success Guide For Men -- The Lazy Man's Way
  Dating Tips #1
When looking at a profile , keep a eye out for “perfect” fotos – a drop dead gorgeous 25 year old model looking for a man aged between 18 and 80 years old is not likely! Beautiful women get lots of messages and you have to ask yourself why they are NOT being selective? Yes! It is probably going to be a scammer looking for a lost and lonely guy to bleed some money from. Don't Worry! You can date beautiful women! You just need the right approach - Try reading “How To Become An Alpha Male” This is one those ebooks that will become a classic. The key is – it's not how good looking you are . . . it's how women perceive you. . . get the book! It's worth every cent.

Dating Tips #2
Head shot only fotos . . . Ok she's going to be a fatty or for our politically correct readers a “big beautiful woman” - it might be that she just doesn't have a good photo to up load. But Hay! You have been warned.

Dating Tip #3
Promo's that tell you “In Cebu there are 7 women for every man. . . . and they all like men who are 30 years older than themselves” Well guys – Nature doesn't work like that! There is going to be about 50% men and 50% women – or someone is telling you lies. If they are lying about that! What else are they lying about? Anyway you only have to go to the C.I.A. Facts book to find out – Look up population figures for the country in question – it shows men & women in different age groups.

Dating Tip #4
Have a good photo on your profile! Don't try and hide – You will get lots more contacts with a photo on your profile! Period – Industry experts say between 9 and 11 times more contacts. Do you want to talk to someone with no face? - Don't worry about someone seeing you, or recognising you on a dating web site – Hell why were they there? Get over it and get a date. OK? updated